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Di Salvo's Bella Cucina

Di Salvo's Bella Cucina serves authentic, homemade Italian cuisine including traditional favourites such as house-made pasta, risotto, sauces, bread, cheese, and delicious braised meats such as Osso Bucco.  We offer a fine selection of old world wines and our valued guests are always greeted with excellent, friendly service.  We are located in a beautiful, quaint century home situated on the scenic Georgian Bay waterfront.  Our elegantly decorated dining room offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere boasting crisp white linens, comfortable seating and decor that compliments the original era of the house. We  look forward to meeting and serving the Parry Sound community.

Jane St. Amant

Jane St. Amant lived Mississauga, Ontario for more then 25 years where she worked as an Account Manager for an IT infrastructure provider.  Jane was raised in Britt, Ontario where her family owns a business which includes a casual dining restaurant.  In recent years she became involved in helping with the family business where she discovered that she loves working in the hospitality industry and has many transferable skills from her sales career.  Jane always strives to provide excellent service and is always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience. 

In 2016 Jane was recruiting seasonal staff to work in her family's business.  To her great surprise she hired a Certified Inter-Provincial Sealed Chef to manage the kitchen.  Jane immediately recognized the skill, talent and hard work ethics of Carlo.  Today Carlo and Jane are very much in love, they are engaged to be married and have much gratitude for what could be thought of as meeting by chance.  Jane is very excited and proud to be a part of the Parry Sound Business Community and is looking forward to contributing to the community that fosters their restaurant business. 


Chef Carlo Di Salvo


Carlo Di Salvo is a second-generation chef and restaurateur; at an early age he began following in his fathers footsteps.  His father, an Italian immigrant from Pietrabbondante, Italy, owned with his wife Margaret (of Wikwemikong, ON) several restaurants throughout Their career in many Ontario locations.  During his childhood, Carlo spent much of his time working in his parents restaurants and found he had a natural interest in the business. His parents still own a restaurant in Wikwemikong, ON.

During his teenage years Carlo worked outside of the family businesses where he gained additional experience and was encouraged by Chef Ian Thomlison to take up formal education to become a chef.  Carlo had the privilege of being formally trained by Master Chef and two-time Culinary Olympic medallist Daniel Esposito of Champagne, France.  Carlo quickly excelled in the industry becoming an Inter-Provincial Sealed Chef by the young age of 21.  He went on to manage kitchen and restaurant operations in many cities for several different companies.  Eventually becoming a restaurant owner and Chef-Professor at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, all by the age of 29. He was also the founder of "The Sudburylicious Food Festival" in 2012.  During this time he began shooting short cooking videos and posted them online, these videos were noticed and he was contacted by a producer who offered to film a pilot TV show with FoodyTV in New York City. Carlo decided he would move to New York to pursue the opportunity but wanted to spend the summer of 2016 with his daughter in Ontario.  This is when he met Jane and it changed the course of his life landing him here in the Parry Sound district, where Jane and Carlo now call their home.


Carlo promises to deliver high quality food and service, with an emphasis on fresh in-house scratch cooking which includes some home made pasta.  Carlo prepares traditional dishes that are true to the heart of Italian cuisine and honour his family tradition.

Buon Appetito